Between Heimweh and Wanderlust

tandem4family – Mit der Familienkutsche von Shanghai nach Beijing

“Mama, is there a medicine for homesickness?”- asks Sarah. If there was, I would need a double dose of it right now. Sarah has her blues, Nora misses her Suzanna, and my Wanderlust slowly but steadily gives away to homesickness.

After Volker departs for further two days of solo-biking to the coastal city of Yantai, we catch the daily train from Qingdao direction north. The only tickets still available are for a soft sleeper, converted into sitting space. Soft sleeper! After more than twenty years, the good old soft-sleeper not only still exist, but haven’t changed a bit. The same four-bed compartments, the same bed covers of blue satin, the same curtains and back-rest linings of white lace, even the same Chinglish.

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