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tandem4family – Mit der Familienkutsche von Shanghai nach Beijing

At the foot of Mt. Tai we review the present state of our journey. The prospects for the next days are bleak. The planned biking through idyllic countryside in Shandong won’t happen: the side-roads we were supposed to take are either undergoing repairs or have dilapidated, as we have learned from recent experience. 350 km of Interstate till Qingdao then. A busy interstate with trucks and buses, because in Shandong, unlike Jiangsu, the interstate is free of toll, and most of the heavy traffic goes here in order to avoid the high-way taxes. Not only will our way be full with roaring traffic, but it will also be going steadily uphill. We have already discovered that for our 240+ kg family vehicle even the smallest hill equals Mt. Tai. After the rain and wind from the previous day the mood in the children trailer is close to mutiny, and I have to admit, it is rather contagious.

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